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Budget-Friendly Travel Tips and Advice to Enhance Your Next Family Vacation

Provided by guest blogger: Daniel Sherwin

If you’ve been postponing your next great getaway until all your kids are old enough to keep themselves entertained for hours at a time, the idea of traveling with your children now may seem too daunting. However, the following tips will help you to reduce stress, save money, and enhance any family vacation—regardless of whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers. Read on to learn more!

Travel by Vehicle

According to a recent travel survey, approximately 100 million Americans had plans to take a family vacation in 2019—and about 53 percent of these families planned on traveling by vehicle rather than by air. Since traveling by vehicle is usually cheaper and far less stressful than flying with children, it’s no wonder why so many American families choose to pack up their cars and set off on a road trip.


If you’re looking for a simpler, more relaxed and cost-effective alternative to flying with your children, traveling by vehicle could be a great option for your family—especially if you’re traveling in a group of five or more. However, using an online travel calculator can help you to determine whether flying or driving will be the most affordable option for you.


If your vehicle isn’t large enough to accommodate your family, luggage and any food you’re planning on bringing along, or to avoid racking up the miles when traveling a longer distance, renting a car from a reputable agency like Enterprise Rent a Car could be ideal. Not only is renting a car an affordable alternative to purchasing plane tickets, but you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options to find the best vehicle for your family’s needs. Moreover, you can usually save money and earn cash back when renting a car if you look for discount codes, coupons, company promotions, and other deals before booking for your vehicle.

Don’t Forget the Travel-Friendly Toys and Games

To keep your kids entertained in the car, airplane, hotel room, or whenever there’s downtime during your trip, remember to pack plenty of toys, games, and snacks—but don't distribute everything at once. Instead, space each item or activity out to fight boredom and eliminate the need to purchase new toys when you’re already on the road. However, be sure to pack everything in a separate bag so it’s easy to access these essential items.

Alleviate Mealtime Stress

Whether your kids are picky eaters, hold one or more food allergies, or you’re simply looking for ways to save money and reduce stress at mealtimes, it helps to book a hotel room that has a refrigerator, stove, and microwave—as this will allow you to prepare many of your own meals. These rooms may cost more, but cooking your own meals while traveling will help you to alleviate stress at mealtimes and save money overall.


Plus, hotel chains that offer free continental breakfasts are ideal for families—especially if your children would prefer to eat something simple like cereal or pastries. If anyone in your family has food allergies, however, be sure to contact the hotel in advance to determine whether any allergen-friendly options will be available.

Planning is Vital When Traveling with Kids

When you travel with adults, you can be spontaneous and still manage to see and do as much as you wish. When you travel with kids, however, planning your trip in advance—and sticking to the plan once you finally hit the road—will make the vacation easier to manage and more enjoyable for the whole family. Plus, planning a trip in advance helps you to save money, build excitement, and find the perfect type of lodging for your family.


Traveling with children isn’t the simplest of endeavors, but these budget-friendly tips and tricks will make your next family vacation a whole lot more enjoyable and worry-free. With a bit of planning, strategizing, and packing the right toys and games, your kids will remain entertained and you can focus your attention on the best parts of traveling as a family—the quality time you’re able to spend together.

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