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Pirates & Pixies Second Location

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Friday, June 22nd
We got a giant entertainment center purchased for all our cloth diaper items! Not sure which fun color we should paint it yet; suggestions?
What else do you do on a Friday night but take your whole family to help work on the space 👍
We rented a lift and my amazing husband started taking the sign down. 
Meanwhile, Xander and I removed boards inside...he did about 20 screws and was over it 😄
Axel finished getting the sign down and our “Coming Soon” banner put up. Oooohhhh it feels real now! If you drive by, feel free to take a picture and share with your friends!
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June 24th

We got the walls started and more furniture moved over to refinish!

4th of July

We have been making a lot of progress. Lots of furniture painted that you can't see in the pictures. The finishing touches on everything will be some pallet wood, so that will bring the whole look together toward the end. Gray, Navy, Coral, Rose Gold and of course the light teal walls! Everything will be so beautiful once it's done. Right now it still looks kind of like a disaster zone and we have 1 month until our doors open. AHHHHHHHHHHH



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