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Newborn cloth diaper rental

Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Program

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Use cloth from the beginning! Our rental is about half the price of disposable diapers and it let's you experience cloth diapering without investing any money. The only thing we recommend in addition to your rental is a pail liner and wet bag. You can purchase your own or rent ours!

This program is designed for those families that want the simplicity of All-In-One Cloth Diapers. Meaning the diaper is ONE piece and you change the whole thing...just like a disposable diaper!

You get 36 AIO Newborn-Size cloth diapers. These will fit babies starting at 5lbs+. These are not recommended for parents that anticipate having a large baby (9lbs+). These tiny diapers are best suited for average size babies or below. If you believe you will have a large baby, you can start right away with One-Size diapers!


  • You will receive your rental up to 2 weeks before your due date. ~Please indicate your Due Date in the Notes Section during checkout~

  • Your One Month time frame starts on your Due Date. Regardless of baby's birth date. Why? If you're late, the baby will outgrow these earlier anyway. If you're early, you will get a little bonus time.

  • If you need to extend your rental, you may call and do so in One Week increments for a cost of $25/wk.

  • Babies are unpredictable. If your baby grows quick and outgrows these diapers before your month is over, there are no refunds issued. It just means you get to start using your own stash earlier!

  • We will include a Professional Laundering Guide with your rental.

  • Diapers are laundered commercially through our Diaper Service in-between each family.

  • What this video to learn more about the diapers you will be receiving!