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Cloth Diaper Services

What is a cloth diaper service?

Since 2007, we have been helping parents clean their cloth diapers. We launder cloth diapers, whether they be our rented diapers or your personal diapers, in professional equipment with industrial methods. We can also save your diapers through our one-time stripping service. Removing yeast, bacteria, residues and build-up that cause stink and even ointments like A&D or Desitin. 

We do the dirty work so you don’t have to! Each week, on Monday, Diaper DuDee will take away your used diapers for a batch of clean, fresh, pH balanced diapers for the week ahead. It’s that easy! 

What is Included?
Depends on which service you choose! We can include absolutely everything, or you can provide us with all your personal belongings and we just do the laundry. It’s up to you!

What You Do…
On your delivery day all you need to do is put the dirty diapers from the previous week out for pickup in a pail liner in the pre-designated, agreed on area (front porch for houses, in front of doors for apartments, etc.) Our service then takes away the full bag and leaves you with a set of clean diapers. There is no reason to rinse the diapers before putting them in the hamper. We do that for you. Please do not try to wash diapers at home as home laundering generally causes detergent buildup and can stain diapers. 



Where is your delivery area? Greater Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln. This includes as far north as Bennington, West: Elkhorn, South: Bellevue/Gretna, East: Council Bluffs and everything in between. Still not sure? If you’re not in one of these towns and you are more than 14 miles from Diaper DuDee (1726 N 120th St), we do not service you. However, we do have a Drop-off option or a workplace swap if it is within our delivery area!

If I live in an apartment building, do I need to provide a key? We will work with you to find the most secure way to deliver and pick up your diapers.

How do I use cloth diapers? 
Since cloth diapers are not quite mainstream many people are intimidated by using them. We will help you become confident in using your new chosen diaper by providing a free consultation with your first delivery. That is why it is IMPERATIVE that your baby is already born before we deliver for the first time! We will go over folding techniques, diaper area care and what to do with the dirty diapers that need to be picked up.

Is using a diaper service sanitary? 
Yes. We are a professional laundering service that follows the strictest guidelines on sanitation in our facility. Our diapers are lab tested to ensure quality standards. We know we are getting your diapers cleaner than you could ever dream of cleaning them at home!

Where do I keep my soiled diapers? 
You store your diapers inside of your pail liner during the week, then on your delivery day, or the night before, you would tighten the bag up and leave out for your weekly diaper swap. When out and about, we highly recommend using a wet bag which comes in several sizes to fit your needs. The most popular sized wet bag we carry is the medium size which holds between 4-8 diapers.

Do I have to sign a contract? 
No, you may cancel at any time. However, if there is credit on your diaper service account, it is non-refundable and non-transferable. You may use it as credit in Pirates & Pixies.

Can I use them when we go out? 
Today's cloth diapers are so easy to use that anyone can put one on the baby. Just bring a waterproof wet bag out or provide one for your caregiver. All they have to do is toss the diaper in the wet bag, and store until you get it home and can throw it in your diaper pail. It's that easy!

What are Snappi's? Should I use them?
Snappi's are the modern version of diaper pins. Using them will hold the diaper on your baby more snugly and will minimize or prevent waste from staining the cover. Some parents love them, some don't. We teach you how to use your diapers without Snappi’s or Boingo’s.

Will I get the same diaper's back?
Depends on the service you are using. Basically, if you are using our diapers, no. If you are using your diapers, then of course!  


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