Now Buying SPRING/SUMMER items ONLY!

Raise Funds for your Organization with Pirates & Pixies®


We are passionate about providing fundraising opportunities to local organizations. We have created a donation drive that is an easy way for local groups to raise funds for their organization without having to buy a single thing!

Your group signs up for a week on our giving calendar. You encourage everyone you know to bring their high-quality used kids items to our Pirates & Pixies® location at 177th & Center. They just have to drop off their items and fill out a simple form letting us know they are with your organization. We go through their items and instead of paying them for what was brought in, we pay your organization 100% of the payout! We text the total amount from each "buy" to both the organization and the supporter so everyone knows how much was raised. Super simple, super fun!

We provide you with a simple explanation of what we accept. The higher the quality of the items brought in, the more money your organization will make! Contact us today at 402-853-6185 to sign up your organization for this simple donation drive!