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Request a Pixie Pouch™ today!

Load up a Pixie Pouch™ and let us do the rest!

Spend your time doing what you love and let us pay you for your kids' items.

Clean out your kids’ closets with Pirates & Pixies® through Mail. We buy current kid’s clothing, accessories and shoes in excellent, clean condition. For our Pixie Pouch™ program we buy the best of all seasons, year-round. No need to wait for the correct season to sell to us!  

It’s super easy to get started! 

  1. Request a Pixie Pouch™ 
  1. Fill up the Pixie Pouch™ with your absolute best items. Rolling your clothing items will allow you to pack as much as possible in your Pixie Pouch™ 
  1. Drop it off to be shipped back to us. 
  1. We’ll take care of the rest! As soon as we’re done evaluating your items, we’ll send you cash or take the trade offer and use at Pirates & Pixies®. Even if you are not near a store, you can always schedule Facetime shopping time too! 

We purchase a great, wide variety of clothing. However, the higher we can price your items for sell, the more cash we can give you for those items. Here are some great guidelines so you know what to send us! 

  • Clothing MUST be clean, stain-free, hole-free, all buttons/snaps in place, pet hair-free, without alterations, new within the last 3 years and working zippers. We will NOT accept items that do not fit this strict criterion. 
  • We are rarely in need of Newborn & 0-3m clothing. Unless they are new with tags, we do not recommend sending these sizes. 
  • For baby sizes, Preemie & 9mo are our top needed sizes! 
  • Sizes 5, 6, & 7 for both boy and girl are ALWAYS in high demand for us. 
  • We do not buy pajamas/clothing with out-of-date characters on them. 
  • Shoes need to look brand new and we do not need baby sizes 0, 1, 2 or 3. We need Youth sizes 1 through 6 the most. 
  • Our highest paying brands are high-end athletic wear and boutique wear. Our lowest paying brands are big box and department store brands. Mall store brands are right in the middle. 

For any items we’re unable to buy we will donate them to a local non-profit that supports extracurricular activities for foster children and their foster parents. With unneeded clothing, we have been able to raise over $10,000 in just one year for this amazing organization! We look forward to shopping the items you send us!