Hello! My name is Andrea Foley and this is my amazing family.
Our business started in 2007 with Diaper DuDee Diaper Service in Des Moines, IA. Our first child was born in 2009 and we acquired American Diaper Service in Omaha, NE; we were very busy! Just one year later we moved to Omaha and opened our retail store, Baby Junk. Since then we have grown both our businesses and our family. We now have 3 children: Xander (2009), Westyn (2012) and Sloan (2016). We also expanded our store to include used items as well and with that we changed our name to Pirates & Pixies in 2017. 
Our simple belief is that parents should make the best parenting choices for their family. We are here to provide affordable resale clothing for kids up to 5t, resale maternity clothing, education and support on Cloth diapers and free baby carrier consultations! 
FUN FACT: Our third child, Sloan, was born in our new mini-van on the way to the birth center! My husband captured the moment as a selfie :)