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Terms of Service – Selling through a Pixie Pouch™

Our Pixie Pouch™ program offers anyone across the country the opportunity to sell with us. Customers may only request one bag at a time per household. Once you receive your offers, you may request another Pixie Pouch™ at that time.  The request form is at the bottom of these Terms of Service.

 By submitting any items to our Pixie Pouch™ program, Customer agrees to the following: 

  • Agrees to the offer prices set by Pirates & Pixies® for all items. 
  • Acknowledges that Customer will not be aware of the prices set by Pirates & Pixies® and will not be able to cancel the sale of the items through the Pixie Pouch™ program. 
  • Acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® becomes the rightful owner of the items sent through the Pixie Pouch™ program. Customer is the previous authorized owner of the items and will indemnify and hold Pirates & Pixies® harmless from and against any claim arising from participation in the Pixie Pouch™ Program. 
  • Understands that all Customer’s unpurchased items will be donated and acknowledges and understands that: 
  • No tax receipts of any kind will be given. 
  • An itemized list of donated items and purchased items will not be available to Customer. 
  • Acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® does not ship to P.O. Boxes. 
  • Acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® is not responsible for items damaged in transit due to the Customer or carrier not properly packing and securing the Pixie Pouch™ or by damage caused by the mail carrier. 
  • Acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® is not responsible for items lost by the mail carrier.  
  • Acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® is not responsible for items dropped off at the wrong shipping facility. 
  • Acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® is not responsible for items shipped in anything other than the pre-paid Pixie Pouch™. The Customer shall be responsible for any shipping charges incurred if items are shipped by any means other than the Pixie Pouch™.  
  • Acknowledges the Pixie Pouch™ program does not currently ship outside the continental United States and does not ship to Hawaii or Alaska. Customer shall be responsible for any shipping charges incurred if items are shipped to or from outside of the service area. 

Customer Requirements: 

  • Acknowledges that Customer is at least 18 years of age or older. 
  • Has provided her or his legal name and valid information on the Pixie Pouch™ Request form  
  • Acknowledges that she or he cannot use the same phone number or email address for multiple bag requests under different names. 
  • Acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® may ask for proof of identification before the Pixie Pouch™ will be processed. 


  • Acknowledges Customer will receive emails to the email address provided on the Pixie Pouch™ request form. Pirates & Pixies® will never share its email lists. 
  • Acknowledges Customer will receive text message alerts when requesting a Pixie Pouch™. Frequency varies based on customer behavior. Standard text messages and data rates from customer’s carrier may apply. To opt out at any time, customers can text the word STOP. Customer acknowledges that, if they reply STOP, they will not receive text messages until they text START. Neither Pirates & Pixies® nor cell phone carriers are liable for delayed or undelivered messages to the customer. Your request for a Pixie Pouch™ constitutes your agreement to the above terms and conditions. 
  • Acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® is not responsible for missed communications or notices due to electronic delivery failure or Customer’s junk or spam filtering, or otherwise arising as a result of incorrect information provided by Customer. 


  • Agrees that Customer’s cash payment (if applicable) will be in the form of an electronically delivered PayPal payment.  There is no fee for the receipt of electronic funds via PayPal. 
  • Acknowledges if Customer elects payment by check, the check will be issued to the name on Customer’s corresponding Pixie Pouch™ request form and mailed via U.S. postal service to the mailing address on the Pixie Pouch™ request form. A $2 surcharge will apply for mailed checks. 
  • Acknowledges if Customer elects Store Credit, the credit receipt will be electronically delivered to the email address listed on the corresponding Pixie Pouch™ request form and saved within the Pirates & Pixies® database with no expiration date. 
  • Acknowledges if Customer does not elect either the cash or store credit option within 90 days of the sent date of the initial payout email/text, store credit will automatically be issued under the name on the corresponding Pixie Pouch™ request form. This completes the transaction. 
  • Acknowledges that if Customer elects to receive their payout in the form of a PayPal payment, she or he agrees that: 
  • PayPal’s terms of  User Agreement and Privacy Policy shall apply. 
  • Pirates & Pixies® is not responsible for privacy or technical issues caused by PayPal. 
  • PayPal payments will be sent within 2 business days of receiving Customer’s payout election and Paypal contact email. Once the payment is processed, Customer will receive an e-mail notification to their Paypal email from PayPal to log in and claim the payment. 
  • Pirates & Pixies® does not charge a fee for this service. 
  • Pirates & Pixies® is not responsible for delays or loss of payment by Customer. 
  • Pirates & Pixies is not responsible for payments claimed by a third party. 
  • Pirates & Pixies is not responsible for delay in payment due to technical issues on the part of PayPal. 
  • Once payment is transferred to the e-mail address provided, the transaction is complete. 

Amendment of Terms: 

  • Customer acknowledges that Pirates & Pixies® reserves the right to unilaterally revise and update these Terms of Service from time to time without notice to Customer. It shall solely be Customer’s obligation to periodically review these Terms of Service for any revision and updates.