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Infant Sleeper Snoozer
Infant Sleeper Snoozer

Infant Sleeper Snoozer

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Each Keekaroo Snoozer includes the Soft-to-the-Touch Infant Sleeper, safety strap and 5 year warranty!

Standing out from other infant sleepers, the Keekaroo Snoozer is durable to stand up to everyday demands, comfortable, easy to clean and safe. Resistant to tears and peels, the strong outer skin helps the Snoozer limit bacteria and mold growth from everyday use. The Snoozer is also slip resistant, staying put and keeping your little one in place during nap time.

The Snoozer Infant Sleeper Dimensions:

Length x Width
31" x 14"
Weight of Snoozer
8 lb.


Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

Always supervise your child in the Snoozer and keep these important tips in mind when using this product:

  • Always use on the floor, never on elevated surfaces inside cribs, play yards or on beds or sofas
  • Never place extra padding under or beside your infant
  • Always use restraint system provided
  • Always place your child on their back to sleep

Materials:The Snoozer is made in the USA and is:

  • Latex-FREE
  • Phthalate-FREE
  • Formamide-FREE
  • Non-Toxic

Cleaning: The Snoozer is impermeable to fluids. Simply wipe with soap and warm water.